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Consumer Electronics Association

In addition to the tens of thousands of foreign attendees that have visited CES through the International Buyer Program, thousands of our exhibitors have benefited from the services provided by the Commercial Service during the show. This value added benefit provides an unparalleled opportunity for exhibitors to navigate the world’s marketplace in a relatively short amount of time. By participating in this program, exhibitors have increased sales, secured long-term business arrangements, increased their exporting knowledge and identified opportunities where they could grow their business.

Read full testimonial.

Karen Chupka
Senior Vice President, Conferences and Events, Consumer Electronics Association

National Association of Broadcasters

The U.S. Commercial Service’s International Buyer Program has enabled the National Association of Broadcasters to provide tremendous value-added service to our show’s U.S. exhibitors helping them to identify – and take advantage of – international sales opportunities at our annual NAB show. We work so closely with some of the U.S. Embassy Commercial Specialists throughout the year that it is almost seems like they are our own staff members. We have been participating in the IBP for many years, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the U.S. Commercial Service.

Margaret T. Cassilly
Vice President, International Conventions and Programs
National Association of Broadcasters

Packaging Manufacturers Machinery Institute

“PMMI is proud of our more than 20 years partnering with the International Buyer Program. Thanks in large part to the program, Pack Expo shows play a critical role in the packaging and processing marketplace, consistently welcoming visitors from more than 120 nations and providing them with access to the latest technologies, unparalleled networking opportunities, and world-class education programs.”

Charles D. Yuska
President & CEO, Packaging Manufacturers Machinery Institute

World of Concrete

“WOC has seen a tremendous growth in our international participation over the past few years, due to our involvement with the International Buyer Program, and our team looks forward to working with various trade specialists and delegates in the months to come.”

Jackie James
Director, World of Concrete