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U.S.-Jordan Free Trade Agreement

Documentation Requirements

There are NO special documentary requirements for Free Trade Agreement-qualified shipments. The documentary requirements for goods shipped under the U.S.-Jordan Free Trade Agreement are identical to requirements for goods shipped outside the Free Trade Agreement.

For imports to Jordan, every customs declaration must include the following documentation:

  • Maritime or air bill of lading
  • Commercial invoice indicating value, weight, freight and insurance charges etc.
  • Invoices should be notarized by the Jordanian embassy or consulate in the United States. Certification by the local chamber of commerce is sufficient in cases where a Jordanian consulate is not available.
  • A notarized certificate of origin issued by the relevant authority, usually a chamber of commerce, in the exporter's local area.
  • Value declaration form for shipments exceeding 2,000 Jordanian Dinars (approximately US $2,825).

Prepared by the International Trade Administration
Trade Information Center