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BizSmart Online Class

Apr 01st-01st | 12:00am-12am 2014

BizSmart Online Class


Open Enrollment, work at your pace course. As you finish one module, the next segment will open.

It contains 10 modules. These modules are patterned after a college entrepreneurship class, but at a common sense level with tools for the real world for business students of all levels. BizSmart is designed to guide students of all ages through the process of writing, implementing a business plan including starting a business from beginning to fruition. Modules incule areas of learning in:

1. Module One will cover the basic outline and road map of Strategic Planning. Module One will help the entrepreneur to establish their mission, vision and values; assess their internal and external strengths and weaknesses; identify key factors for success; analyze competition; create goals and objectives; and formulate action plans to carry out the objectives.

2. Module two of BizSMART will address the pros and cons of each type of ownership from: sole proprietor; to partnership; to a limited liability company; to an S Corporation; and finally to a C Corporation. This module will help to simplify each of the types and give some clarification as to why you should use that type of ownership. Remember, you can always change the type of ownership later, but it could be a costly mistake.

3. Marketing Research is the foundation of not only all marketing strategy, but it sets up the assumptions for the financial analysis. Despite its critical role in business planning, many entrepreneurs only skim the surface of their markets.

4.BizSMART Module 4 also helps you understand the difference between, marketing, advertising and selling and the critical role each plays in your strategy. Generally speaking, the more time and resources you spend on marketing, the less you will have to spend on selling.

5. Module Five of BizSMART will provide direction on how to understand and use your Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow. The Module will help you learn the difference of the three statements and why you need all three statements.

6. Module Six in BizSMART will help you understand the cash flow cycle. It will give you valuable tips on how to forecast cash inflows and cash outflows. It will detail to you how to understand the Big Three of Cash Management.

7. Module Seven of BizSMART will cover all of the basic forms of financing. The two basic avenues of financing: Debt and Equity.

8. Module 8 of BizSMART provides answers to some basic questions about E-Commerce and Global markets. But more importantly, these resources acquaint you with the sources and places to go to find the most up-to date information.

9. Module Nine in BizSMART will present the basics of Human Resource Management in a simple manner that can be used and implemented in most businesses. It is understood that not every principle presented in Module Nine will be used in every business; however, the more you understand the principles and use them in your business the more effective and satisfied your workforce will become.

10. Module 10 helps you learn how to more effectively negotiate. Skilled negotiation can help you in almost every aspect of your business whether youre purchasing from suppliers, selling to customers, or dealing with employees.

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