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Tips on Buying an Existing Small Business or Franchise

Thu, 2015-07-09 00:00

The dream of owning a small business doesn’t always mean starting from scratch. You can skip the headaches of creating a startup and jump to buying an established...

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Growing the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) Initiative

Wed, 2015-07-08 12:18

Promoting American manufacturing is a significant priority for President Obama, Secretary Pritzker, and the Department of Commerce’s U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA). The Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) initiative is one way the Administration is working to bolster our nation’s manufacturing sector.

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Six Months of Progress on the Precision Medicine Initiative

Wed, 2015-07-08 10:19

In January 2015, President Obama launched the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI), a bold new research effort to revolutionize how we improve health and treat disease. Precision medicine is about empowering both patients and health care providers with the information and tools they need to tailor treatment and prevention strategies to patients' unique characteristics.

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SBDC Programs: What Can They Do for Your Small Business?

Wed, 2015-07-08 00:00

The government is full of acronyms, and sometimes it’s difficult to know which ones are most applicable and relevant to your business.  One acronym you definitely want to familiarize yourself with...

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Watch President Obama Call the Women's World Cup Champions, Team USA:

Tue, 2015-07-07 19:54

Yesterday, the President called the United States women’s national soccer team to congratulate them on winning the World Cup in front of the largest soccer audience in American TV history.
The President applauded Coach Jill Ellis for her leadership during this remarkable run and noted Carli Lloyd’s extraordinary hat-trick and early goals: "What have you been eating?"
Watch it here: 

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This Day in History: Construction Began on Hoover Dam

Tue, 2015-07-07 14:05

On July 7, 1930, construction began on the Hoover Dam. President Herbert Hoover was deeply devoted to protecting the environment, particularly focusing on pollution-free water, flood control, and fisheries. After a disastrous Mississippi River flood in 1927, Hoover recommitted to bettering American infrastructure to prevent another catastrophe.

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Increasing Solar Access for All Americans

Tue, 2015-07-07 12:58

Last year, the United States brought online as much solar energy every three weeks as it did in all of 2008, and the solar industry added jobs 10 times faster than the rest of the economy. And since the beginning of 2010, the average cost of a solar electric system has dropped by 50 percent.

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How to Attract and Retain Customers With a Whitepaper

Tue, 2015-07-07 00:00

What is a whitepaper, and why should you create one? Targeted to B2B customers, a whitepaper is a short document (generally six to 10 pages long) that provides useful information to your customer...

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President Obama Provides an Update on Our Strategy to Degrade and Destroy ISIL

Mon, 2015-07-06 15:10

President Barack Obama delivers a statement and answers a few questions from the press following his meeting with Defense Department and military leadership regarding the campaign against ISIL, at the Pentagon, Arlington, Va., July 6, 2015. July 6, 2015.

(Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

Today, President Obama provided an update on the U.S. mission to degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group, ISIL. Watch his remarks at the Pentagon here:

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Energy Savings Performance Contract Protects Environment—and Saves Taxpayers up to $7 million

Mon, 2015-07-06 10:47

On June 30, 2015, the Census Bureau’s National Processing Center in Jeffersonville, Indiana awarded a $120 million Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) to Johnson Controls Government Solutions, a firm that helps the federal government maximize building performance in technology, energy, and security. The contract was awarded by Census on behalf of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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