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The Resurgence of the American Auto Industry – in Three GIFs

Wed, 2015-01-07 10:27

After nearly a decade of grit and grind, the American auto industry has quite a story to tell.

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President Obama Responds to the Attack in France

Wed, 2015-01-07 10:20

Updated: 6:36 p.m. ET on January 7, 2015

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Being Biden: A Senate Swearing-In

Tue, 2015-01-06 18:08

Today marked the start of the 114th Congress, and Vice President Biden presided over the ceremonial swearing-in -- a long-running tradition for the sitting Vice President.
In today's special video edition of Being Biden, the Vice President spoke about the importance of the ceremony while in the motorcade on his way to the Senate. "To see the looks on their faces, I hope they understand the incredible opportunity they have."

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President Obama and President Peña Nieto of Mexico Meet at the White House

Tue, 2015-01-06 17:51

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This afternoon, President Obama welcomed Mexican President Peña Nieto and his delegation to the White House. Today's meeting marked Peña Nieto's first White House visit as the President of Mexico.
"It's appropriate that our first meeting of the year is with one of our closest allies, neighbors, and friends," President Obama said.

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Protecting Consumer Privacy while Building a Smarter Grid

Tue, 2015-01-06 17:08

Smart grid technologies have the capacity to create tremendous new value for electricity consumers: from advanced IT and communication technologies that improve the overall operation of our nation’s electricity transmission and distribution networks; to smart meters and digital sensors that help utilities quickly identify and minimize the extent of outages when they do occur. In addition, consumers now have the ability to monitor and manage their electricity use in far greater detail by tapping into the data generated by smart meters. 

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NOAA Announces Significant Investment in Next Generation of Supercomputers

Tue, 2015-01-06 16:30

The Commerce Department's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently announced the next phase in the agency’s efforts to increase supercomputing capacity to provide more timely, accurate, reliable, and detailed forecasts. By October 2015, the capacity of each of NOAA’s two operational supercomputers will jump to 2.5 petaflops, for a total of 5 petaflops – a nearly tenfold increase from the current capacity.Ahead of this upgrade, each of the two operational supercomputers will first more than triple their current capacity later this month (to at least 0.776 petaflop

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The Faces of Health Care: Astrid M.

Tue, 2015-01-06 10:13

"I am a wife and mother to 2 young children, ages 6 & 10. I am recovering and alive because I had insurance."

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Department of Commerce Operating Status for January 6, 2015

Tue, 2015-01-06 07:00

accordance with the Office of Personnel Management’s Operating Status,
Department of Commerce offices in the Washington, DC, area are OPEN on Tuesday, January 6, 2015, and employees have the OPTION for UNSCHEDULED LEAVE OR UNSCHEDULED TELEWORK.
Non-Emergency Employees must notify their supervisor of their intent to use unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework (if telework-ready).  In
accordance with their bureau/operating unit’s policies and procedures,
subject to any applicable collective bargaining requirements,

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4 Smart Marketing Resolutions for 2015

Tue, 2015-01-06 00:00

Happy New Year! Have you resolved to take your small business to bigger and better heights in 2015? Then one of the best moves you can make is to upgrade your marketing. Here are four marketing...

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Building Partnerships and a Dedicated Team, Driven by our Mission

Mon, 2015-01-05 18:47

Guest blog post by TJ Kennedy,
FirstNet Acting Executive Director

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