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5 Tips on Starting Your Hurricane Season Business Continuity Plan

Mon, 2012-06-04 11:29

While weather experts NOAA are predicting a “near-normal” 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, last year’s Hurricane Irene is a reminder of the erratic and devastating nature of tropical storms.  The six-month season, which began June 1, typically peaks between August and October, notwithstanding the two named storms in the last weeks of May. Now is a good time to put a disaster preparedness plan in place to protect your employees and your business.

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How to Set a Marketing Budget that Fits your Business Goals and Provides a High Return on Investment

Mon, 2012-06-04 07:47

Whether you run a small business or a multi-million dollar corporation, marketing is essential to your profitability and growth. Yet many small businesses don’t allocate enough money to marketing or, worse, spend it haphazardly.

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June 1, 2012: The Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins, Runs Through November 30

Fri, 2012-06-01 15:00

NOAA predicts a near-normal Atlantic hurricane season, Census offers related facts for featuresConditions in the atmosphere and the ocean favor a near-normal hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin this season, Commerce's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced last week from Miami at its Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, and home to the Hurricane Research Division.For the entire six-month season, which begins June 1, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center says there’s a 70 percent chance of nine to 15 named storms (with top winds of 39 mph or higher), of

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Spotlight on Commerce: Malcolm Lee, Director of the Office of Policy and Strategic Planning

Fri, 2012-06-01 14:30

Ed. Note: This post is part
of the Spotlight on Commerce series, which highlights members of
the Department of Commerce who are contributing to the president's vision of an
America Built to Last.

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Weather-Readiness Transforms Businesses into Forces of Nature

Fri, 2012-06-01 11:00

With Atlantic hurricane season starting today, this week is national Hurricane Preparedness Week, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is teaming up with other federal partners to help get businesses and communities StormReady. Each year, Americans cope with an average of 10,000 thunderstorms, 5,000 floods, 1,000 tornadoes, and two landfalling hurricanes. The impacts of this weather have a significant effect on the U.S. economy.

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Free Training Resources on Financial Management Available to Small Business Owners

Thu, 2012-05-31 18:13

Are you looking for financial and business management tips and advice to help get your business off the ground? If so, there is a new tool to add to your small business tool belt. Money Smart for Small Business is a brand new training for new and aspiring business owners that introduces you to the day-to-day operations, organization and planning of a business from a financial standpoint.

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R&D, Patents are Key Manufacturing Drivers Chief Economist Mark Doms Tells National Association for Business Economics 2012 Conference

Thu, 2012-05-31 15:15

This afternoon Chief Economist Mark Doms
addressed the 2012 National Association
for Business Economics (NABE) Industry Conference, themed “Making it in America: Manufacturing
Matters” in Cleveland, OH.  Hosted by
the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, this NABE industry conference focused on
“the changing dynamics and rebalancing of U.S. manufactures in the global
economy, focusing on its rejuvenation and new challenges and opportunities.” He
previewed an upcoming ESA report showing that many communities depend

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The Importance of Culture, Partnerships, and Perspective in Regional Economic Development

Thu, 2012-05-31 15:00

Guest blog post by Paul J. Corson, Deputy Director of the U.S. Commerce Department Economic Development Administration’s Office of Innovation and EntrepreneurshipRecently, as part of our ongoing series of public conference calls with members of the National Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NACIE), we spoke with Dr. Christina Gabriel, president of the University Energy Partnership, a nonprofit organization that was founded jointly in 2010 by five major research universities in the Pittsburgh area, and Dr. Mary Sue Coleman, president of the University of Michigan. Dr.

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Spotlight on Commerce: Hari Sastry, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Resource Management

Thu, 2012-05-31 13:15

Note: This post is part of the Spotlight on Commerce series, which highlights
members of the Department of Commerce who are contributing to the president's
vision of an America Built to Last.As Deputy Assistant Secretary for Resource Management, my main
responsibility is to support the Office of the Secretary to link Budget,
Performance, and Risk Management with the strategic direction of the
Department. The budget for the Department of Commerce is approximately $8

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Where Does Social Media Fit Into Your Business Plan?

Thu, 2012-05-31 11:21

What started as college kids on Facebook has grown up. At first it was updates and gossip and who’s a couple and who’s not. Then came Twitter and now Google+ and the reminder that LinkedIn, which started years earlier, was there too. Somebody named it social media. And now almost every business in the world is either participating, thinking about participating, or explaining to itself why not. And it’s time to relate that back to your basic business planning.
So the question is actually three questions:
1. How does your social media strategy fit into business strategy?

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