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Secretary Pritzker Celebrates Female Entrepreneurs during Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Fri, 2014-11-21 12:01

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny
Pritzker celebrated Women’s Entrepreneurship Day this
week as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in
Marrakesh, Morocco. Secretary Pritzker helped lead the U.S.
delegation to the Summit to demonstrate the U.S. government’s continued
commitment to fostering entrepreneurship around the world. More than 3,000
entrepreneurs at all stages of business development, business leaders, mentors
and high-level government officials gathered for the 5th Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit. 

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PAGE Entrepreneurs in Their Own Words – Daphne Koller

Fri, 2014-11-21 10:00

Daphne Koller began her career in education when she joined
the Computer Science Department at Stanford University in September 1995. While
she enjoyed teaching and leading research on probability theory and artificial
intelligence, Koller thought about new ways that could engage more people in
education – she wanted to share it with everyone, not just her students. 

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SBA Celebrates the First International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Fri, 2014-11-21 00:00

As Assistant Administrator of SBA’s Office of Women’s Business Ownership, I have met women entrepreneurs and small business owners all around the country. I see the impact of their businesses and...

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"We Were Strangers Once, Too": The President Announces New Steps on Immigration

Thu, 2014-11-20 21:25

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"Scripture tells us that we shall not oppress a stranger, for we know the heart of a stranger -- we were strangers once, too. My fellow Americans, we are and always will be a nation of immigrants. We were strangers once, too."
-- President Obama, November 20, 2014
Since the founding of our nation, we've weaved a tradition of welcoming immigrants into the very fabric of who we are. It's what keeps us dynamic, entrepreneurial, and uniquely American. 

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Here’s What the President Is Doing to Fix Our Broken Immigration System:

Thu, 2014-11-20 18:00

Tonight at 8 p.m. ET, the President will address the nation on the new steps he's taking to increase accountability and fix what he can in our immigration system. You can watch his address live here.
As everyone knows, our immigration system has been broken for decades, and the President is doing his job to address the problems that he can with his executive authority. He will continue to work with Congress to pass comprehensive and common-sense immigration reform that will offer a long-term and much-needed solution. 

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President Obama Honors America’s Top Scientists and Engineers, Launches New Steps to Cultivate Tomorrow’s Innovators

Thu, 2014-11-20 17:41

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Today, in the East Room of the White House, President Obama awarded National Medals of Science and National Medals of Technology and Innovation to 19 of our nation’s top thinkers, discoverers, and innovators -- marveling both at the amount of brainpower packed into the room and the magnitude of the laureates' achievements.
“The results of the work of the people we honor today have transformed our world,” President Obama said.
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Welcoming Bipartisan Action Against Ebola

Thu, 2014-11-20 17:18

While many issues divide Washington, we have seen bipartisan progress -- in both the House and the Senate -- in the effort to combat Ebola. These steps forward are encouraging, and hopefully suggest positive momentum for the President’s vital $6.2 billion emergency funding request to fight Ebola here at home and in West Africa.

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Travel Journal of the Vice President’s Trip to Morocco, Ukraine, Turkey:

Thu, 2014-11-20 14:55

Welcome to your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden’s three-country, five-day visit to Morocco, Ukraine, and Turkey.

November 22-23, 2014   Vice President Biden Wraps Up His Trip in Turkey
The Vice President wrapped up his three-country trip last week with a visit to Istanbul, Turkey.
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Secretary Pritzker Answers Questions about Entrepreneurship During Twitter Chat

Thu, 2014-11-20 14:00

While attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Marrakech, Morocco Secretary Penny Pritzker took questions about entrepreneurship and innovation from Twitter users. As the Administration’s point person on entrepreneurship, Secretary Pritzker led a U.S. delegation to the Summit, demonstrating the U.S. government’s continued commitment to fostering a culture of innovation around the world.

Below is a transcript of the Twitter chat.

[View the story "Secretary Pritzker Answers Questions about Entrepreneurship" on Storify]

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President Obama Signs the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act

Thu, 2014-11-20 13:03

President Barack Obama signs S. 1086, the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014, during a signing ceremony in the Oval Office, Nov. 19, 2014.

(Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

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