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International Visitors to the U.S. Spent Record $13.9 billion in May, Helping Support U.S. Jobs

Fri, 2012-07-13 15:30

Guest blog post by Acting Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank Tourism is America’s number one service export, and today we have even more evidence that America is indeed open for business. New data released by the U.S. Commerce Department today shows that international visitors spent nearly $14 billion on travel to, and tourism-related activities within, the United States in May—$1 billion more than was spent in May 2011—marking 29 straight months of growth. This data also means that the U.S.

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Innovation and the Economy

Fri, 2012-07-13 11:00

Guest blog post by Patrick Kennedy, Founder and CEO of OSIsoft LLC.ED Note:OSIsoft LLC produces the PI System, the world leading product for managing and monitoring real time information supporting quality, energy management, safety and other productivity applications. It is an 850 person software company that builds industrial software for monitoring manufacturing and one of the winners of the President’s E-Awards in 2012. OSIsoft LLC was founded in 1980 and has grown to operate in 110
countries and, in the last five years, exported over $0.5 Billion in

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Acting Secretary Blank Travels to Denver to Highlight Innovation and Newly-Announced Patent and Trademark Office

Thu, 2012-07-12 16:15

Acting U.S. Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank was in Denver, Colo.
today to discuss ways to support innovation and create jobs,
particularly through the protection of intellectual property. In the
morning, Blank attended a breakfast hosted by the Colorado Innovation
Network, where she spoke with local business leaders. She listened to
their ideas and suggestions for how Commerce can better support them in
their efforts to create jobs by encouraging innovation.Later this morning, the Acting Secretary delivered remarks

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The Power of Face-to-Face Networking

Thu, 2012-07-12 11:34

Every day, like many of you (or hopefully most of you) I network—from the comfort of my home or my office. I spend a good part of my day participating in social media, posting on Facebook, LinkedIn and mostly Twitter. One of my business partners also posts our content on other social media platforms.

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Operation Boots to Business Introduces Returning Veterans to Entrepreneurship

Thu, 2012-07-12 10:22

Our mission in the Office of Veterans Business Development is to support the men and women who have returned home from active duty and are interested in starting or purchasing their own business. 
Veterans already over-index in entrepreneurship.  Nine percent of all U.S. firms are owned by veterans.  More than 2.4 million veteran-owned businesses employ more than 5.75 million individuals.  So we know that providing greater access and opportunity to these veteran-owned small businesses will strengthen the American economy and help create jobs. 

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5 Tips to Help You Run a More Productive and Less Isolated Home Business

Thu, 2012-07-12 07:21

If you run a home-based business, you probably are an object of envy for your family, friends and neighbors. “You’re so lucky!” or “I wish I could work from home” are probably familiar phrases to you.
Whether your hours are 9-5, or 6-3, the home can be a low-cost haven of productivity and efficiency, giving you the opportunity to balance the demands of work and life without the pressures of a commute or the costs of a commercial lease.

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Acting Secretary Blank Begins 3-Day Innovation Tour with Stop in Silicon Valley to Discuss Newly Announced Patent and Trademark Office

Wed, 2012-07-11 20:00

Acting U.S. Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank delivered remarks to a full house and participated in a panel discussion at San Jose State University on driving U.S. innovation to create jobs. The panel was moderated by Carl Guardino, President and CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. Blank was joined by Dr. Pat Kennedy, CEO of OSISoft, Eric Kelly, President and CEO of Overland Storage  and Dr. Mohammad Qayoumi, President of San Jose State University.

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Implementing the SBIR and STTR Reauthorization: Seeking Public Comment by July 16

Wed, 2012-07-11 19:01

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs have funded great companies like Qualcomm, Genzyme, and iRobot in their earliest days.  These federal programs are what help our entrepreneurs grow, succeed and create jobs, and the Obama Administration has made its success a priority. 

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22 Ways the Department Of Commerce Is Supporting and Fostering American Innovation

Wed, 2012-07-11 12:30

In an increasingly competitive world, the United States must
invest in its best scientists,
researchers and entrepreneurs so that they innovate here, make things here, and
create good paying, high quality jobs for middle class families. The
Department of Commerce and its bureaus are supporting and fostering innovation at
all stages of product development, from original research through to final
manufactured goods.

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Facebook, Credit Checks, Criminal Records? Where the Law Stands on Employee Background Checks

Wed, 2012-07-11 07:09

You’ve probably heard about the controversy surrounding employers asking job applicants for their Facebook user names and passwords as part of the background check process. It sounds shocking, but it happens – particularly among law enforcement entities – but even among private sector employers who feel they have a reason to go that extra step to weed out potentially undesirable employees.
Unethical as it may seem, what does the law say about this?

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