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Deputy Secretary Rebecca Blank Visits Washington, D.C. Auto Show

Fri, 2013-02-01 14:00

Deputy Secretary Rebecca Blank visited the
Washington, D.C. Auto Show. While there, she visited various exhibits
including Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, GM, Honda, and Volkswagen. At each exhibit,
Blank spoke with representatives of each car maker and “kicked the tires” of
the models on display.

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10 Tips for Veteran-Owned Businesses Seeking to Sell to the U.S. Federal Government

Thu, 2013-01-31 07:21

Are you a veteran-owned small business and thinking of selling to your former boss – the U.S. federal government?
Part of the mission of the SBA is to provide assistance to veterans and service-disabled veterans who return home to start, resume or grow their businesses. In addition to supporting veteran business owners through entrepreneurial training, and providing access to capital, the SBA also provides resources, tools and support to help veterans start and grow businesses through government contracting.

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Deputy Secretary Blank Highlights Workforce Skills Development as Key to Attracting Investment, Creating Good Jobs

Wed, 2013-01-30 18:00

Yesterday, Deputy Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank
delivered keynote remarks at an event focused on the importance of developing a
skilled workforce in order to attract more investment and create more good

The event, hosted by German Ambassador Peter Ammon,
attracted CEOs of German-owned companies that have invested in the United
States (such as STIHL, BMW, Volkswagen, and Siemens) as well as leaders of U.S.
community colleges, universities, and think tanks. 

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6th Annual SBA Export Lenders’ Roundtable, April 3, 2013, Washington, D. C.

Wed, 2013-01-30 17:17

Lenders:  Help take your customers to the next level as they expand their sales overseas!

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Sandy Update 5: A Lending Milestone as Congress Adds Recovery Funds

Wed, 2013-01-30 13:22

Ninety days after Hurricane Sandy struck the Northeast, the U.S. Small Business Administration crossed the $1 billion threshold of approved loans to more than 16,800 homeowners, renters and businesses. This makes Hurricane Sandy, in terms of SBA disaster lending, the third largest natural disaster in U.S. history, behind Hurricanes Katrina/Rita/Wilma ($10.8 billion), and the Northridge Earthquake ($4 billion).

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New Year, New Benefits

Wed, 2013-01-30 07:43

You love your staff and want to show it by giving them more in a tangible way. Increasing their pay may not be the best strategy for you or your employees. Added pay is taxable to employees, so they net less (how much less depends on their tax bracket). And added pay has additional costs to you in the form of payroll taxes. What to do? Think about giving them fringe benefits.

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How to Take on Venture Capital Without Losing Control of Your Start-Up

Mon, 2013-01-28 07:42

Considering options for funding your start-up? Wondering if now is the right time to seek venture capital, but worried about losing control of your business?
Here are some tips for weighing your funding options, finding the right venture capital firm for your needs, and working with them once you’ve received your first injection of seed money.
Is Venture Capital Right for Your Small Business?

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Top Three Things Small Businesses Should Know About the Affordable Care Act

Fri, 2013-01-25 16:17

The Affordable Care Act will help small businesses by lowering premium cost growth and increasing access to quality, affordable health insurance.   Depending on whether you’re a small employer or a larger employer, different provisions of the Affordable Care Act may apply to you as described below.                                           
1.  Businesses with Fewer than 25 Employees- Small Business Tax Credits

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3 Ways Business Planning is Like Dribbling a Ball

Thu, 2013-01-24 19:20

Think of basketball or soccer. In both of these popular sports, dribbling is what the players do to move the ball in the right direction. It's not the point of the game, it doesn't score baskets or goals, but it's an important skill, right? I think of dribbling as a great analogy for business planning. And here are some reasons why—and some lessons I suggest we can take from that.

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6 Tips for a Fiscally Fit and Successful Freelance Business in 2013

Thu, 2013-01-24 08:30

Thinking of becoming a freelancer or hoping to make this year’s freelancing more fiscally fruitful than last? Freelancing is a money game and cash flow is king. And while there may be times when your cup runs over, there will no doubt be other times when it looks ominously dry.
To be a successful freelancer—in addition to being good at what you do—you need to be agile, tenacious, a consummate planner and equipped to deal with fiscal downtimes.

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